Business Cards

Display your contact details, in a concise yet effective manner. The perfect tool for networking.

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Vinyl stickers made for packaging, envelopes and more. Stick your company logo anywhere.

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Suited for promos, specials and events. Thin quality paper, meant for large quantities.

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Maps, menus and more. Lots of content, folded for optimal presentation.

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Bold and eye-catching. The key marketing to promote your idea, product or event.

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Bearing your logo, slogan or any other message.The front runner to every event.

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For communicating your layout effectively. Recommended for architects to showcase their designs.

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Wall and desk calendars for corporate branding. Design your own or purchase our predesigned options.

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Annual reports, books, catalogues, magazines.
For many pages or high amounts of information.

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Our Printing Service

We are specialists with print-on-demand or customized print runs. Managing a variety of print jobs, with assistance from our design department, enables us to provide turnkey printing solutions. Digital printing that’s fast, and cost efficient.

We are based in Newlands, however our scope of collection and delivery expands to all areas of Cape Town. If you would like to come collect yourself, our friendly team will welcome you into our print shop. We have a upstairs lounge, outside area and more importantly coffee served from our very own barista. Finish your work and attend to important issues, all while waiting for your printing.

If you are unsure with what you require, we will gladly assist. Catering for your specific need, we will provide a suited printing solution. If you would like us to attend to your printing requirements online just send us a file here, and we will get in touch.