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Business Cards

Display your contact details, in a concise yet effective manner. The perfect tool for networking.


A4 Documents/Notes

This online portal makes it quick and easy for printing notes, documents and anything A4.

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Suited for promos, specials and events. Thin quality paper, meant for large quantities.

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For communicating your layout effectively. Recommended for architects.

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Maps, menus and more. Lots of content, folded for optimal presentation.

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Bold and eye-catching. The key marketing to promote your idea, product or event.


Pull-up Banners

Bearing your logo, slogan or any other message. The front runner to every event.

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Get your logo on every letterhead and making sure your brand is consistent.

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Suited for promos, specials and events. Thick quality paper, send your brand around the world.

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Tent calendars for corporate branding. Design your own or use our design team.

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Annual reports, books, catalogues, magazines. For many pages or high amounts of information.

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Vinyl stickers made for packaging, envelopes and more. Stick your company logo anywhere.

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Jess Verne

In-the-box, Marketing Director

Ian George Dommisse

Project Manager, EcoBrick Exchange

Stephenie Ramphul


Our space

We believe that with time, simple print will be a complete online shopping experience, hence our easy-to-use online shop. However, humans are a gregarious bunch with highly tuned visual and tactile senses. They love to socialise, gaze at appealing objects and touch interesting surfaces; somethings that your desktop just doesn’t offer. It’s for this reason that we created a space and invested in some high-tech printing equipment, enabling you to print eye-catching graphics with tactile elements on paper.

We are situated at 151 Campground Road, Newlands, however, our collection and delivery services expand to all areas of Cape Town. If you would like to come collect yourself, our friendly team will welcome you into our new offices. Our new space consists of TopCopy for your printing requirements, Design to assist you in turning your ideas into reality, and Deskit for your workspace accommodation. We also have an upstairs lounge, outside area and more importantly, delicious coffee served from our very own barista.

More about our space
brick face building with sliding door entrance
Private office suits with wooden banister
Veranda with table and chairs
Coffee bar wit counter and cars
table and chairs instore

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