About us – TopCopy’s Printing Service  

Evolution of the Printing Industry  

Throughout the 90’s the print for pay industry transformed from copying centres into sophisticated digital printing hubs. Over the last 15 years the quality of digital printing has advanced to such an extent that the layperson would find it difficult to detect the difference between a digitally printed laser image and a lithographic printed image. Laser printers today are able to print from very small to high volumes on many different types of substrates giving rise to the term print on demand or just-in-time printing.

This allows clients to order repetitive smaller volumes over time, whilst enabling them to keep their content consistently up-to-date and minimising their capital spend, stock holding and wastage. 

How TopCopy uses Digital Printing to provide a fast and effective online printing service

Digital Printing refers to the process of transferring stored images directly onto paper, opposed to using custom printing plates which is done in litho printing. Being able to print digitally saves time, as no plate has to be created which allows for a faster online and in store printing service.

This process is designed for short run printing, which allows for short production runs which leads to a cost effective solution. The preparation for these runs is minimal, allowing for further reduction in cost as well as faster turnaround times.

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Our Printing Services

ToCcopy provides a wide range of printing collateral. We are specialist in custom books/booklets, as we have a vast understanding and experience when coming to this topic. Business cards, vinyl stickers and many more printing services are well in our grasps in terms of what we are offer.

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TopCopy was first established in 1987. It was situated at the Riverside Centre in Rondebosch Main Rd. At that stage TopCopy’s clientele was mainly UCT students/lecturers. It was one of the few high-volume copy centres in Cape Town – Commercial Digital printing was still to arrive in South Africa

I bought TopCopy in March 1994, just after it had moved to No. 3 Cavendish Road, Claremont. At that stage TopCopy had a complement of three permanent staff members and a few casual UCT students that worked in the evenings and over weekends.

We have recently moved to 151 Campground Road, Newlands – Opp the Newlands Cricket Ground – and have morphed our process from a retail outlet to a print bureau, with LOTS of PARKING!