Common problems with submitted files

What are some Common Problems with submitted files?

The most common problems we encounter are…

  • Improper set-up for Bleeds: Make sure to extend your artwork 1/8” beyond the edges that Bleed. Also, do not put important information or borders too close to the edges that get trimmed off. An exception is Envelopes, which are not trimmed. On Envelopes, only extend your artwork 1/16″ beyond the edge(s) that bleed.
  • Poor Image Resolution: Images must be at least 300 dpi for proper clarity. Do not use images from the web because they are generally low resolution and will appear pixilated (jagged and blurry) when printed.
  • Text and Grammar Issues: Make sure your text has good contrast against its background. Also, avoid the use of small text, especially if it is white text against a coloured background. Make sure to proof your file for spelling and grammar errors before forwarding it to us.
  • Crop Marks: Please include the crop marks on your artwork and make sure they are properly placed. Also please remove all unnecessary crop marks.


A guide of how to set-up your Content, Crop marks and Bleed