The difference between vinyl stickers and decals, and how to order stickers from TopCopy

You may believe that vinyl stickers and vinyl decals are pretty much the same thing. And we don’t blame you because let’s face it they are fairly similar, they’re just these cool sticky things that you stick on stuff, right?

Well no, not quite. There is in fact quite a difference between vinyl stickers and decals. It mostly depends on the final product that you’re looking for really. To put it simply, if you’re looking for a simple monotone (one colour) design then a decal is what you want. However, if you’re wantingsomething a little more intricate and colourful then it’s a vinyl sticker.

Allow our list below to elaborate on the differences which should clarify any confusion.

Vinyl Decals:

  • What it looks like: Monotone in colour, usually smaller and less intricate.
  • Machinery: Vinyl cutter or plotter reads a decal design from a computer to know exactly
    where to place all the cuts on the vinyl roll to create that design.
  • Process: After the vinyl sheeting is machine-cut, weeding is done by hand to remove all
    excess vinyl that isn’t part of the design (the more intricate the design, the longer the
    weeding takes) and finally, the decal gets a layer of adhesive tape so it can be transferred to
    a service area.

Vinyl Stickers:

  • What it looks like: Colourful and more complicated.
  • Machinery: Wide-format printer. The vinyl sticker design is printed onto a special roll of vinyl
    which absorbs the ink, similar to that of printing paper.
  • Process: Shapes are manually or machine-cut out of the printed vinyl wherever necessary to
    create the design. The entire sticker is cut out of the vinyl sheet.

Essentially, the difference between vinyl stickers and decals lies in the vinyl printing and cutting methods. Your choice of decal or sticker depends largely on the intricacy and colour tones of the design. While we may not have plotters and professional vinyl weeders at all of our stores to produce vinyl decals, we do have vinyl sheets and printers that are capable of materialising any vinyl sticker design.

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